Keep on doing the hidden things

I decided to go for a change of pace for my morning jog. Rather than jog the usual four miles I decided to just do a brisk walk for about 45 minutes. The morning was beautiful, the clouds were breathtaking the air was a little cooler so I decided to slow it down and smell the roses. I took streets through the neighborhood that weren’t on my usual jogging track to take in some new sights.

As I was walking along one particular street I came upon something that was quite surprising. I can’t figure out if it was there by accident or intention. I hesitate to tell you about it because just telling it takes away some of the value in what happened. But here it is.

As I walked along I happened to see a lengthy section of street with nails strewn along it. Perhaps, if I had been jogging, I wouldn’t have even noticed them but since I had slowed my pace I couldn’t miss them. Maybe they fell off the back of a construction truck driving through the area. Or maybe they were placed there by intention since they were across the entrance to a high school. Could they have been planted by kids from an opposing school to “slow up” the competitors since football, field hockey, track and band practice were all in full swing. They weren’t long nails. Just 8 penny finish nails but enough to cause a few flat tires and some stressful circumstances.

First I thought about walking right by, but something wouldn’t let me. I considered it again and found myself stopping to pick up the pointed intruders. The more I picked up the more I found. They were not just along the edge of the street but out in the street. I dodged traffic to capture the last nail. I looked around for any remaining ones but didn’t see any and continued my walk with my hand full of nails. What was I to do with them? When I came to the first piece of wooded area I gave them a toss.

I tell you this to say that if I hadn’t told you this you wouldn’t have known anything about it. And, as I already said, the fact that I have told you takes away some of the value of the action. But I share it to encourage you to continue to do the things that God puts before you to do whether or not anyone every finds about them. In fact, do everything you can to keep them your secret. Do them because they need to be done. Do them because it’s the right thing to do. Do them because it’s what makes God smile. Do them for an audience of ONE.


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