Six years and growing again

This Sunday, October 3, marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of New Venture Christian Church. What a ride it has been. We have been through some enormous highs and some deep lows. To say it has been a journey of adventure would be a huge understatement. It has been a journey beyond any adventure we have ever experienced before. Some of the journey has been welcomed, other parts have been dreaded and endured. Never the less, we have grown and developed as followers of Jesus through it all.

And I would not be honest with you if I were unwilling to admit that the sixth year has been the most challenging of them all. We have faced huge obstacles during the past twelve months, some we understand and expected, other have caught us completely by surprise. We have gained a few families during that time and have lost even more. Some, who have been with us most of the journey, decided that the new church setting was no longer for them and have sought spiritual pastures in other settings.

The great news is that the church has been strong enough to weather the challenges, hard knocks and surprises. Our people have matured to the point of stepping up to the plate and providing whatever is necessary to pull us through the rough spots in the road. We have sought the Lord endlessly and the advice and counsel of outside sources. In so doing, we have remained faithful to the purpose and mission of NV, reaching the unchurched of our community and being the authentic presence of Christ in our community. As a result, we have bottom out and turn upward again with renewed excitement and enthusiasm. We are once again focusing on our purpose for existence, helping people discover a growing adventure with the God of the universe.

No doubt the road ahead is still cluttered with obstacles. Some old challenges will continue, and new ones are waiting in line. But we have a group of Christ followers who love the Lord and New Venture with a depth of devotion that will not quit. They will pay the price of sacrifice, however high or low it might be, to assure the continuing witness and effectiveness of NVCC in our community and beyond.  I am proud and privileged to lead such a group of courageous disciples.


One thought on “Six years and growing again

  1. Steve – it has been my privilege to spend the past 7 years planning, building, living and loving this church body. I continue to believe that God has amazing plans for New Venture and I am excited about what the future will bring. Thanks you for your guidance, leadership, discipleship, and most of all friendship through these years. You and Sharon have becom a part of our family. God Bless you bot and the entire New Venture Family.

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