What brought you to New Venture?

Last Sunday we celebrated our sixth anniversary as a church on the south side of Richmond, declaring the glory of God to the community and beyond. On that day I asked the people to write on their connect cards how they heard about New Venture in the first place and what brought them to the church, the first time they came. Some of the answers were quite interesting. Here are a few of them.

“I was there “In the beginning…”’

“Been there since first service”

“I initially came to NV @ Carmike because of bumper stickers on electric boxes and little signs at intersections of roads.”

“I was brought here by a guest of Kelly and Harvey Havener in March of 2006.”

“A post card brought me here for first service and church has become my family.”

“Through Virginia Vision I was part of the launch team.”

“Our first visit was from an invitation from our daughter. Loved the service and fellowship.”

“I first became connected because of advertising at Carmike and I could attend before my normal church service.”

“I came to NV because my children and grandchildren were already coming here. I love NV”

“First came because I was invited by my son.”

“We saw a relaxedchurch sign in the Office Depot parking lot back in 2005. We then moved away and came back in 2009. I remembered the sign and checked for a website. Found it and came to visit one Sunday.”

Can you identify any threads that connect several of them together? Does anything stand out as effective ways to bring new people to NV?

Whatever your initial reason, we are glad you came our way and we are even more glad you stayed. Hang on, the adventure has only just begun.



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