tolerance isn’t working

One of the great doctrines of modern education is the doctrine of tolerance. One might even say it has become the number one doctrine, not just in education, but in our modern culture.

For  decades we have been fed the doctrine of tolerance. The doctrine basically teaches us to be acceptant of all different kinds of people and beliefs. It is the teaching that everyone and everyone’s beliefs are equally correct.

Now correct me if I am wrong on this. If the doctrine of tolerance is working we should be more acceptant of people, more connected with people, more united, more embracing and more loving. And if the doctrine of tolerance is the banner of the American education system then the place we should see it working best is in our school systems.

I assert that the doctrine of tolerance is failing miserably and it is nowhere more evident than in the very school system that teaches it, beginning at the bus stop in the morning.

As I have observed kids at bus stops during my morning jogs I have noticed the most divided, segmented kids I have ever seen, even to the point of cruelty. Unattractive girls stand quietly off by themselves. “Cool” girls group together and talk freely. “Cool” guys hang together. Only a few girls and guys would dare converse with each other. While alone in another place stand the minorities, Orientals and African Americans. Not only do they not talk with each other they don’t even look each other’s way. And these are kids from the same neighborhoods gathering at those bus stops.

I am sure there is an explanation for all this “grouping” and intolerance is see so I would be open to hear it from anyone who has it. There must be something I just don’t get.

I do have a suggestion though. Let’s just ditch the whole tolerance doctrine in favor of a better, more tested and effective one, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Or how about this one, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


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