An Epic time to Invite Friends

Vacations are over, school is well under way and fall is falling everywhere. Fall is one of the most epic times of the year to invite friends and family to join you at a New Venture event. Here are a half dozen plus ones to consider extending the invitation.

  1. Children’s program has never been better. Our children’s program is popping with excitement. The fall emphasis is “back to the basics” and the kids are eating it up. Kids are talking about what they are learning all over the place.
  2. Fall is when people are most receptive. With the end of summer comes the return to a regular schedule. That schedule often includes returning to church and the pursuit of God. Many times all they need is an invitation or two. Statistics show that the third Sunday in October marks the biggest return to normalcy. Capitalize on the timing and offer an invitation.
  3. The church environment is magnetic. Over and over again people comment about how overwhelming they were about the warm welcome they received at NV. We have a good thing going in our gatherings. It is too good to keep to ourselves. We need to offer it to lots of other people. Plus the free Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are the bomb.
  4. Regular attenders and members are the major reason why people check out NV. Nothing is clearer, most people first attend NV because they were invited by someone who was already attending. You have the power like no other. Use the power.
  5. Our men’s ministry is hot. We have great things happening with our men from the Monday night “Men’s Fraternity” study to events that are “just for men.”
  6. Epic is epic. Our current Sunday morning study in Jesus’ most epic sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, is just what the doctor ordered. It is addressing issues that are long overdue. Some are encouraging, others are quite difficult and uncomfortable. All are needed and transformational.
  7. The location is perfect. We are no longer difficult to find. With our location at 530 Courthouse Rd, the Seventh day Adventist building, no one needs to wonder around looking for our meeting place. Soon a new sign will be hung making our location even more obvious.

So push past any excuse. Identify a few people that are not currently connected with a church and extend the invitation. Your willingness to do so may be the beginning of their growing adventure with God. Instead of thinking of the risk involved, think instead of the cost of not inviting. It could be eternal in scope.


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