I knew serving donuts and coffee was a wise choice.

On Sunday mornings we serve free Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks coffee. That was a risky decision considering the sugar content of the donuts and the caffeine strength of the coffee. However, a report published this week has confirmed that the decision was the right one. Donuts and coffee actually make us smarter. That’s the word from a study published on the MSNBC website. Here’s the actual report.

“Coffee and doughnuts may give a brain boost”
Diane Mapes writes: Leave it to Spanish researchers to discover that caffeine and glucose — found in those longtime office favorites, (and I might say, church snack counters, added by me.) coffee and doughnuts — actually make you smarter.

In a study published in the journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, researchers at the University of Barcelona discovered that the caffeine-glucose combo boosts your brain in terms of attention and memory. And here we thought that stuff was bad for us. D’oh!

Researchers tapped 72 men and women, ages 18 to 25, for their caffeine/glucose experiments which, sadly, involved neither Starbucks nor Krispy Kreme donuts. After fasting overnight, subjects received doses of water, water plus caffeine, water plus glucose, or water plus caffeine and glucose (about the same amount you’d get in two soft drinks). Then they were tested on attention, manual dexterity, visuo-spatial and frontal functions and memory via a battery of tests such as remembering a list of 15 repeated words; taking a peg from a cup and quickly inserting it into a hole; sorting cards imprinted with shapes, numbers or colors; and repeating a series of numbers forward and backward. In other words, standard staff meeting stuff.

As it turned out, the subjects’ reaction time improved in water spiked with either caffeine or glucose (glucose gave a bump to their manual dexterity, as well). But a combination of caffeine and glucose showed beneficial effects on attention and on learning and consolidation of verbal memory; in other words, the coffee-sugar combination boosted the effects of both substances, making the test subjects’ brains more efficient.

As usual, researchers say further studies are needed, particularly with regard to investigating the “effects of caffeine and glucose, alone and in combination, with repeated doses.”

So come on over to New Venture Church every Sunday morning and get not only your spiritual boost but your brain stimulation as well. Who knows, they next thing we might hear is that nutritionists are recommending kids eat donuts and drink caffeine drinks before they head off to school in the morning. 


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