financial help is on the way

 You are invited and encouraged to take the upcoming Financial Peace University Class, if at all possible. This is going to be a tremendous class that will help all of us get the best and most use out of the financial resources that God has blessed us with. People who have taken the class rave about it. Some of them take it over and over again because it is so helpful. We already have two signed up for our class who are coming for a refresher. Even older teens should consider the class. It will be such wise counsel on how to use their money. This class will positively affect them for the rest of their lives.

And you can’t beat the price. The full price is right at $100.00 but for everyone who takes and completes the class, the church will cover half the cost. In fact, if money is an obstacle to you taking it in any way, let me know and I will make sure your registration is covered in full.

A half dozen of our families have already registered. Several other families have mentioned their intent to take the class. I would like to invite, encourage and even twist your arm into joining them. Have I twisted enough?

The class starts on February 17 and runs for 13 weeks. It will be some of the best 13 sessions you have ever experienced. You can register on line at this web address, . Do not order materials online. We will have them at the first session and they will be less expensive there. In fact, you can attend the first session free and if you decide not to take the class you will be obligated for nothing.


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