lots of family pictures

It’s been awhile since I posted some family pictures so here’s a load from the end of 2010. To keep from getting confused (or maybe confuse you a little more) this is the family makeups. Of course, there’s Sharon (Grammy-T) and me (G-Diddy), then Brady and Elizabeth with Sawyer and Luke, then Timothy and Daphane with Audrey and Eloise and finally Matthew and Jess with Preston. To get you started I will begin with all five grandchildren with Matthew, in this order Audrey, Luke, Sawyer, Eloise and Preston with his dad Matthew. You are on your own for the rest of them.



2 thoughts on “lots of family pictures

  1. These are beautiful pictures of your grandchildren. Did Audrey already have her surgery on her eye? It looked like it in the picture. Is she doing ok? She’s so sweet.

    • Her surgery is not for a couple more weeks. She just began piano lessons at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

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