Audrey and the Cincinnati Reds

In case you are unfamiliar with Audrey let me take just a few statements and introduce you to her. She is our first grandchild, born about three and a half years ago. When her mother was about four months pregnant it was discovered that Audrey had a condition called encepholosis in which part of her brain was forming outside of her cranial area. After extensive scans, tests and assessments it was announced to her parents, by the team of “expert” at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital that Audrey would probably not live to birth and if she did she would likely die soon thereafter. You can read a more detailed description of the beginning of Audrey’s life from an earlier blog post of mine called, “only god could do it.”  A later post called “Audrey turns one” gives an update of her progress.

Needless to say the doctors were wrong and this is a picture of Audrey and how she looks today. She has delays to address but is progressing in so many ways far beyond anyone’s expectations. Since I have just begun a teaching series on miracles I am delighted to say that Audrey is a miracle child.  She blesses lives every day. She is currently taking piano lessons, loves it and is doing well.

So what does Audrey have to do with the Cincinnati Reds? First of all, she, her parents and younger sister live in Cincinnati. She continued to receive therapy and treatment from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It is actually a tremendous care facility, one of the best in the country. One of the programs at the hospital is called “Champions.” Andrey has been part of Champions for some time now. Well it just so happens that the Cincinnati Reds from time to time invites kids from the Champions program to take the game ball to the mound at the start of the game. So what does Audrey get to do? On September 16 Audrey will be carrying the baseball to the pitcher’s mound at the beginning of the Reds game against the Milwaukee Brewers for the games first pitch. What a testimony to the power of God and the miraculous results of prayer. God makes the impossible possible.

All I have to do now is figure out how I can make it to the game.


3 thoughts on “Audrey and the Cincinnati Reds

  1. You guys are COMING to that game – it’s the same weekend as the Pathways launch, so you may as well figure out, now, how you’re going to get time off!

  2. I have no doubts, you will make that game! What a wonderful little gift you all have been given. Love her picture, she is a mini-me of Sharon!

  3. How awesome! God does show himself in so many wonderful places and Audrey is living proof of his miracles. She is adorable. You are blessed beyond words to have her in your lives.

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