Sex is Stupid

I’m guessing you are somewhat familiar with what has been happening in the world of sex in the last few days.

Kenyan Olympic marathon runner Samuel Wanjiru died in the early hours of Monday morning, May 16, from injuries after a “fall” from the balcony of his first-floor Nyahururu home near the Rift Valley in central Kenya. He had just been caught by his wife in bed with another woman. It is not yet clear whether it was a suicide or if he jumped out of rage or what caused him to fall to the ground.

Samuel was some kind of a world class runner. Not only was Wanjiru the first Kenyan to win Olympic gold in the marathon, at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games; he triumphed in an Olympic-record time of 2 hrs. 6 min. and 32 sec. Other high-profile wins for the Kenyan star included the Chicago and London marathons. Wanjiru was also a former world-record holder in the half-marathon, with a time of 58:33. He became the youngest runner to win four major marathons and ran the fastest time ever recorded in a marathon in the United States.

And then there’s IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn who awoke Tuesday in a notorious NYC jail on an attempted rape charge as the outside world swirled with questions about the truth of the rape accusations and pressure mounted on him to step down.

The 62-year-old managing director of the International Monetary Fund is being kept behind bars on charges he tried to rape a hotel maid, charges that look, at least from the outside, to be pretty strong.

Add to the sex news of the week the revelation that Arnold and Marie Schwarzenegger’s marriage is ending due to a “sex” child (Wasn’t really love, just sex.) he conceived with a member of their household staff over ten years ago.

Here are three high profile people in the world who have destroyed themselves, one quite literally, over nothing other than sex. Sex is stupid under such circumstances. In fact, sex is stupid under ANY circumstance other than its God created intent, within the sacred bonds of marriage. And that is true whatever your status in life. Outside of its intended purpose it ALWAYS leads to negative, damaging and many times completely destructive ends. It is just plain stupid. So guys and gals as well, wise up. Put your passions and parts away and show some restraint and a little bit of intelligence.


2 thoughts on “Sex is Stupid

  1. I read that the sexual urge is second strongest only to the need to eat to survive. Both of these needs can even overshadow the need for self preservation. Well if we all think about how hungry we get after not eating is it any wonder that the urge to procreate overwhelms people! Makes me realize that God created both needs so the human species would survive. People cloud this basic biological need with love, lust, sexual addiction verbiage. It’s possible to step away or avoid the sexual urge as much as it is possible for a fasting person to step back from a plate full of food. You need to remember to think “this is for now, this is NOT for always”. This has become my mantra in more ways than one over the years. You WILL nourish your body with food again and your sexuality again when it’s the RIGHT thing to do and not something you have to hide to do. I tell my son all the time, if you have to be SNEAKY to do something then you KNOW in your heart and your mind you are doing the WRONG thing!

  2. with great power, comes great temptation. so practice some self control, and gain some will power. any one can run 40 miles at once, the nazi’s made the jews run 40 miles in the snow dressed in rags.

    ex. boot camp is 90% mental

    its all a matter of your will power. you can push yourself to death, but very few have
    the human body has limits, limits that are very rarely met or exceeded.

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