Josealeen’s Story

I first met Josealeen through an email out of the blue. She had emailed me to ask if I baptized people who wanted to be baptized. My response was brief. “Yes, I would love to. When could we get together and talk about it.”

Just a few days after the email Josealeen visited one of our Sunday worship experiences. While leaving she dropped her connect card in the offering basket expressing the same interest in baptism.  A few days later my wife, Josealeen and I met at my office to discuss her desire to be baptized.

Her story is quite intriguing. Josealeen moved to Richmond about four years ago from Brooklyn, NY. She wanted to get out of the city and start anew in a new location. Soon after arriving in Richmond she noticed some billboards around that just said, “—relax, it’s just church.” Fast forward four years and Josealeen begins to grow in her faith and desire to be baptized. The first thing she thought of was those billboards. So she looked up and made her first contact, which led to another and another.

On this day we are not only looking at what the Bible says about baptism but also several other subjects that Josealeen had questions about like how and when does a person receive the Holy Spirit and what is the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. You see, she had been a part of a very strict and legalistic church in Brooklyn and she was trying to sort out what was from God and what wasn’t.

Following our discussion Josealeen desired to be baptized more than ever. She didn’t care for it to take place on a Sunday so we scheduled it to take place at another church in the area.

I am delighted to introduce to you Josealeen Moses, baptized into Christ, Thursday, July 14, 2011.


3 thoughts on “Josealeen’s Story

  1. Congratulations Josealeen! Welcome to New Venture and your new life in Christ.

  2. a newly born in Christ! Congratulations to you and to God!!!

  3. Welcome to the family.

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