Stress is a recurring visitor to most of us. It shows up in a number of different forms, none of which are attractive or inviting. For example it might reveal itself in a hot temper, overeating, loss of sleep, depression, addictive tendencies, or abusive behavior.

For me stress often incarnates itself in the form of twitches. That’s right twitches. A twitch is “the contraction of small muscle units.” Sometimes they are voluntary while other times uninvited. Since I was a child I have had reoccurring periods of twitching. Don’t get alarmed, I won’t embarrass you in public and I am much better than I used to be. They used to come in the form of neck, eyes and mouth irritations. Now they are more in the form of neck tension or hand irritations. I also like to call them stress points.

Now let’s be honest, no matter what you want to call them, my guess is that most of us have some sort of stress point irritation or even twitch tendencies. We live in a world that has a way of stressing us out all the time, unless we find a relief or cure for the “ailment.” Which, I would like to announce to you that I have, at least one that works for me. Why else would I bring up the subject?

I really discovered the cure about a week ago while jogging. Since then I have used it in a number of settings and it has worked every time. The results were immediate; at least they were in my case. Here’s how it works. I focus on a four word promise or truth from the Bible and I repeated it over and over in my mind. After I have focused on one for a while I move on to another four word phrase and do the same repetition process and continue as long as I need to in order to find relief. Here are some examples of phrases. The sky is the limit or the Bible is the limit.

He gives me strength.

He is my strength.

I rest in him.

He meets my needs.

He loves me so.

He died for me.

He restores my soul.

I love Him so.

I give my all.

I trust in you.

He forgives my sins.

He lifts on wings.

You are my Lord.

As I said there is no limit to the four word phrases that are found in Bible truth. The neat part is that every person can focus on the phrase that helps address and overcome their particular stress point.

I guess, in a lot of ways, what I am talking about is the ancient practice of meditation. According to Wikipedia, meditation is, “any of a family of practices in which the practitioner trains his or her mind or self-induces a mode of consciousness in order to realize some benefit.” Meditation is the practice of training our mind to focus on a particular phrase or truth for the benefit it brings. And believe it or not, that is exactly what the Bible encourages and invites us to do. Check this out. Ps 119:27-28 “Let me understand the teaching of your precepts; then I will MEDITATE on your wonders.” In other words,” let me understand the truth of your Word and then let it flood my mind over and over again.”

Now this is going to blow you away. The very next words in Psalms 119 are, “My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.”

Enough said. Get the Word in your mind and repeat it to yourself over and over again and see how it flushes out all the heavy thoughts and feelings and replaces them with strength, rest, relief, calmness, restoration, as well as excitement, to your soul. Don’t tell me you don’t need it!


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