Comfort-Driven or Eternity-Driven?

“We live in a very comfortable and fun culture, and everything, it seem is about pleasure. It’s hard not to get caught up in that. But when you live in a way that is driven by God’s Spirit, you don’t ever want to go back to the easy and comfortable. People need to experience Spirit-empowered living so that during those times when they do feel lazy, they’ll remember they have tasted and seen that He is good.

My mother died when I was born. My father died when I was just twelve. God had a plan for me from the day he created me. He wanted me to live with an eternal perspective, so he had me deal with death at an early age. This set me on a path of living for eternity by making the most of today. He showed me that I am not guaranteed tomorrow—nor is anyone around me. And that allowed me to see beyond much of the comfort-driven desires that press all around us and, instead, ask God’s Spirit to direct my life. The death of my parents caused me to live by faith and expect that God would answer my prayers. And every time he has, it just made my faith even stronger for the next time.

It’s weird how many people don’t live by faith. I realize that others may not have had to live on their own, and may have had family support, and may not have had to depend solely on God. Maybe they haven’t had the opportunity to live by faith and see God answer their prayers. From an early age it was ingrained in me that it is not about our time on earth. We should spend our time for eternity and set ourselves up not for this life but for the future. God wants us to be actively pursuing him now and for eternity.”

Francis Chan in “Unleashed, the church turning the world upside down”


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