Urgent Prayer Needed For Pathways

Pathways Christian Church launches September 18 on the north end of Cincinnati, Oh. Pathways is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial church plant. It is one of those rare efforts to cross barriers in the name of Christ and plant a church that, from the very beginning, refuses to recognize dividing barriers.

You know and I know that such a plant will be a high priority target for the Devil and his demons. He wants to keep us divided, segregated and friendly at best. The last thing he wants is to have a successful multi-ethnic, multi-racial church plant that is not only successful in reaching the lost and serving the community but also becomes a witness to others that such a church plant can really work. He will do everything in his power to disrupt and even destroy the effort.

Can I enlist you to spend some time each day, leading up to the launch, praying for Pathways and its leadership team? Would you then continue praying leading out of the launch into the rest of September and October?

Darrell Davis is the lead guy. Our son Matthew is the Worship Arts Director. His wife Jess is also on staff as Administrative Assistant and Worship Leader.

The seed for church planting was actually planted in the heart of Matthew at New Venture. He moved, kicking and screaming, I must say, from Ohio to Virginia the month before we launched in 04. It was either go live with us or go to jail.

From day one he began playing with our worship band and the passion for worship leading and church planting was sparked. Seven years later, after a year at Cincinnati Christian University, an internship at Lifesprings Christian Church under Dick Alexander and  Tim Neuenschwander, and four years of worship leading in the established church he is stepping out into the adventure of his life.

So, can I invite and implore you to pray daily for Matthew and Jess and the entire leadership team of Pathways Christian Church as they ramp it up for launch day on September 18. If you are willing to pray for them could I get you to just email or respond to this plea and let me know? How many of you will join the prayer force for the launch of Pathways? Thanks so much

Check out Pathways at cincypathways.com.



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