Your one Christmas wish

If you could have just one Christmas wish, what would it be?


Here are the responses from some people I asked yesterday.



  “I wish that everyone is as fortunate as we are, with all the wonderful blessings God has provided us with.”

                “My Christmas wish is that my husband would find Jesus and accept Him as his Savior.”

                “My wish 4 Christmas: Mormons would know our true Christ.”

                “Get rid of the commercialization of Christmas.”

                “For my mom to move to VA!”

                “For all my family and friends to know the joy of knowing Christ.”

                “My family and friends to come to know Christmas.”

                “Another job!”

                “My Christmas wish is that my wife will be healed and well soon.”

                “One wish for Christmas: Heat win first basketball game of 12/25/11”

                “Everyone that we bought a gift for is blessed by it.’

                “Peace in the house.”

                “What I want for Christmas is peace and happiness in the house.”

  ” I wish for my neighbors to come to Christ.”

Two questions:

  1. What would your one Christmas wish be?
  2. For all who have a Christmas wish, what might God be expecting you to do to help make that wish come true.

Remember, he works through you.


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