Post cards Join Peanut Butter for the Month of January

I am so excited about our outreach effort for the month of January. Instead of inviting our community to join us for worship we are asking them to join us in collecting peanut butter for the Richmond Food Bank. We are extending our church wide December peanut butter collection through the month of January. The food bank is in serious need of peanut butter and a few other critical items. We cannot deliver a pick-up truck full to the food bank on our own but we might be able to with the help of our neighbors. Community minded people are usually quite willing to serve the needs of the community. They just need someone to organize the effort and make it happen. New Venture will serve as the point “person” in this collection effort.

We have 2500 postcards ordered and should arrive any day. We will be distributing the postcards door to door to the community closest to our Sunday meeting place on Saturday morning, January 7 at 10 AM. We need lots and lots of volunteers, including older kids and teens. We have a lot of territory to cover. We are counting on you.

Then we need a few volunteers each week to “man” the collection places each Saturday and Sunday in January. The collection times are 10 am-12 noon on Saturdays at the Ministry Center and 9:30 am-11:30 am on Sundays at the church building. We need people to cover all or part of the collection time each week. It is just a matter of being there when people arrive and accepting their donation when they bring it. We will have banners posted to inform the public of the effort and “drop zone” location for their peanut butter. Who would like to be the first to sign up as “drop zone” volunteer?

Attached is a layout of the postcard and banners that will be arriving any day now. Please put the 7th at 10 am on your calendar and join us for the mass distribution. We are only asking for one hour of your time on that day. And then please give me a call, 874-3269, or email me if you would like to serve as a “drop zone” volunteer.

Begin now to pray for a tremendous response from our community. And please continue to bring your peanut butter each week. Let’s have a HUGE part in meeting the nutritional needs of some of the under resources people of the greater Richmond area and be a community leader in doing so.


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