Feed the Kids

This flyer includes the details of our current ministry outreach at New Venture Christian Church. We would love for you to partner with us in collecting food for families with kids in our south side Richmond community. Just this morning we were connected with three new families with seventeen children we will be supplying food for on the weekends. They are elated about the assistance.

We are asking people to consider three different options.

1. In your neighborhood, distribute 50 paper sacks with flyers attached and then pick them back up the following Saturday. We will supply the sacks with flyers. We just need the volunteers to pass them out and pick them up

2. Set up a collection point at your place of work and invite those in that setting to participate with “Feed the Kids.”  Posters are available.

3. Man (woman) a table for a couple hours on a Saturday in March outside a local grocery store. We will give patrons a list of items we are collecting as they enter and invite them to drop the items by as they leave. We will make all the arrangements with the stores.

We are here to provide an ongoing ministry that meets the nutritional needs of kids in our community. Please get in touch with me at 874-3269 if you would like to participate or if you have any questions.


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