Food for “Feed the Kids” pours in at a 15% rate

With the first wave of our South side Richmond, “Feed the Kids” effort well under way we are seeing the food donations roll in. So far we have collected 107 bags from people in the Midlothian community. That figures out to about a 15% return on bags distributed vs. bags collected. That may not seem like much, but check out the comparisons.

According to some published reports from various nonprofits in VA, most “cold” call donations (mass distribution, phone calling, people unaffiliated with the organization) expect a 2% return at best (1% is not uncommon)

  • The Boy scouts food drive most often collect between 2% and 10% depending on the neighborhood, weather, level of awareness, etc.
  • AM Vets (which collects household items, not food) expects a 3% response, but notes that a number of items are not particularly usable.
  • 4 different South side churches report a 2% to 4% return on neighborhood canvassing drives.
  • Neighborhood drives that the VA does for homeless vets has a return rate of about 5% because the visibility and long-standing advertising in vet and medical centers etc.

Thanks to everyone who is participating in this first wave. If you still have bags to collect or would like to make a food donation, bring it on. Send me an email at and I will get any info to you that you might need.

We are now preparing to move on to phase #2 which is collection points at local grocery stores. The dates to set up tables are March 17 or 24 from noon to 3 pm. We will provide a list to those entering of items needed and invite them to purchase from the list and drop it by the table on the way out. Again, if you are interested in helping shoot me an email.

We are making a difference in the health and nutritional needs of many kids on the South side.


One thought on “Food for “Feed the Kids” pours in at a 15% rate

  1. Since this is Girl Scout month, many of the grocery stores have allowed them to set up during the month of March. I have NV on the calendar for April 14 at the Krogers on Midlothian Trnpk. I know that is Spring Break weekend, but that’s all they had available in April. If anyone else is checking out stores they should do it as soon as possible. I guess they don’t allow more than one organization at a time to set up at the store. Thanks to all who supported the first phase of food collection. It was awesome!

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