What people are saying about NVCC

“First off; (NVCC is) wow!

Second, God is amazing and is most definitely working thru NVCC… no matter if it’s from Music, to the Sermon’s, to the congregation, and then to the outreach programs.  Steve is an incredible and passionate speaker who (thru God’s word) really move us to get up and GO spread the word of His love. NVCC allows my family to truly get into the heart of worship and that compels us to grow… Love, Faith, hope. “


“Real people, living real life, together, with God”


“I chose to try NVCC because when I researched the website, it appeared to be a multi cultural church.  I stayed because of the praise and worship, the teachings with notes, the atmosphere, and the work that NVCC does for the community.”


“I would describe my experience at NVCC as fulfilling.  NVCC teaches the message to serve and sacrifice, while still providing the encouragement to seek God by developing a relationship with him.


“I would describe my 4 months at New Venture as: A whole new world- where you learn what Jesus is really about. New Venture speaks “the truth”. Easy to learn the message of scripture because it is taught in a very “New living version” where the message is tied into everyday life. You will feel “at home” the second you walk in. Unique in the fact that people of all ages interact so well. A band that “Rocks”! Very active church that has passion and conviction in their ministry.”


“Awesome! I love NVCC.  The messages always seem to speak to me in some way.  They are messages that help me to grow in God’s Holy Spirit.  The people are fantastic! They’re loving, caring Christians who truly care for each other.”


“So far attending NVCC has been a refreshing experience in worshipping my Lord Jesus. No rituals, no reciting, but straight Spirit filled teaching from the word of God.”


“Good people. Great sermons.”


  1. “ Fulfilling
  2.  Redeeming
  3. Affirming
  4. Friendly
  5. Spiritual
  6. Loving
  7. Godsend
  8. Community
  9. Fun
  10. Enriching
  11. Empowering
  12. Journey
  13. Sharing
  14. Caring
  15. 15 Social
  16. Changing
  17. Renewing
  18. Cleansing
  19. Learning
  20. Giving
  21. Enlightening
  22. Teaching
  23. Service
  24. Volunteering
  25. focusing
  26. Adventuring
  27. friendships
  28. Inspiring
  29. Inspirational
  30. Reaching
  31. Searching
  32. Singing
  33. Listening
  34. Groups
  35. Evolving
  36. Soulful
  37. Touching
  38. Musical
  39. Blessings
  40. Expanding
  41. Moving
  42. Blessed”



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