Help for someone you know and care about

Sex is a sensitive subject. It is arguably the biggest concern, crisis and curse of our culture. It is everywhere.

Even so, it is a subject few people want to discuss or confront in a healthy and positive way. We either want to hide our heads in the sand or we want someone else to deal with it for us. So let me offer my services.

For the last four weeks at New Venture Christian Church we have been addressing the subject of sex. We have been examining Satan’s Sex Ed plan that he is teaching to our culture. We have then placed his teaching up against the truth of God’s Word and what we have discovered is nothing short of amazing.

If you were not able to hear the messages in this series or if you caught just part of them I would like to encourage you to give a little time to listening through all four of the messages.

But it is bigger than just you. You know people personally or casually who need to hear either all the messages in the series or one that addresses their specific circumstance. You may be the only person in their life that will direct them to the source that can give then real insight, direction and hope. You may be their best or only hope. I would invite you to take the courageous step and link them, in the best way you see fit, to this truth that they so desperately need.

Here are the links to the four individual messages and then a link to the online site that offers all four messages from one source.

I will be praying for you as you listen yourself and as you direct other to as well.



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