time is running out

A few days ago I sent out a communication inviting individuals, pastors and churches across the state and beyond to join together in 40 days of prayer for our country leading up to the election. We currently have 35 days in which to pour out our prayers to God on behalf of our land. 35 is better than 0 if you haven’t started praying every day for the direction of our country. If you missed the post here is a link to it.


I want to invite you to join me in one other effort on behalf of America. Would you join me in attempting to get everyone we can to register and vote if they are not registered already. Here are three things you can do:

  1. Begin with yourself and make sure you are registered and you will be voting on November 6.
  2. Talk to the people you connect with on a regular basis and encourage them to make sure they are registered and will be voting.
  3. Encourage your church to set up a registration table the next two weeks to register people at your services. This is not pushing a party or candidate but just getting people registered and ready to vote. We had our first registration day yesterday at New Venture and did have new voters and new resident register. NV will be doing two more registration Sundays.

This link is to a printable voter registration form for the state of Virginia. If you live in a different state the form for your state can be found on your state elections board website.

http://www.sbe.virginia.gov/Files/Forms/VoterForms/VoterRegistrationApplication.pdf  If your virus protection gives you problems with opening this, just copy and paste the link into the address line of your browser.

If you do registration as a church you can approach this in one of two ways:

  1. Have then fill out the form at that time and you will mail or hand deliver them. This will assure a higher degree of response than if they take them home hoping it gets done. If you collect the forms be sure to tear off the receipt part of the form and give it to the registrant.
  2. Or they can take the form with them and mail them in themselves. If they take them you might encourage them to hand deliver them to their county elections office.

Here is the critical piece of information. OCTOBER 15 IS THE DEADLINE FOR VOTER REGISTRATION FOR THE NOVEMBER 6 ELECTION, AT LEAST IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. If you are not in Virginia you will need to check the deadline for your state. So all this will need to be done rather quickly.

I believe this election to be the most crucial one in my life time (and that is a pretty long time). We need to be willing to do everything we can to mobilize the people under our influence to first pray for our country and then to put some feet on their prayers and get to the poles and vote. I truly believe that if everyone receiving this communication takes these steps we can definitely have an impact on the outcome of this election and the direction of our country.

Time is running out and the future of our country is at stake.


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