Ramp it up!

A couple weeks ago I issued a call and challenge for you to join me in committing to 40 days of prayer for America leading up to the presidential election of 2012 on November 6. (Link to the original post: https://stevethornton.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/40-days-of-prayer-for-america/) Many, at that time, started to pray. Others have been somewhat hit and miss at it. Still others planned to pray but haven’t gotten into the routine of it yet.

Whatever your pattern has been or failed to be up to this point, I want to STRONGLY encourage you to DON’T STOP PRAYING. Or if you haven’t started praying for a new direction for America and think it is no use to start now, you are seriously wrong. It is NEVER too late to begin praying for our country and the direction she will take on November 6. So don’t stop praying now and if you haven’t started, please join me and the others who are praying. It is time to pick up the praying pace. It is time to ramp it up. It is time to take it to the next level as the election moves ever closer and closer.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that the tide has begun to turn and that turn started right at about the 40 day period when more and more people across this country began to pray. The debate on October 3 took place and that was a game changer unlike any debate in presidential debate history. More and more people in America are beginning to acknowledge that the direction our country is going is devastating and now is the time to redirect.

You can look at any number of factors to explain the shift in voter preference that has taken place over the last ten days but I believe the unseen and most powerful factor has been the prayer of people of faith who believe God not only has the answer but is the answer and are turning to Him to lead in redirecting out great country.

So, I say it again, don’t stop praying. Join us if you haven’t been. Encourage others to do the same. Ramp it up. Every time you think about the election, say a prayer for America.

We need to realize that the Evil One will do everything he can to keep this country moving down its current road away from a solid foundation of strong morals, godly principles and faith in the divine creator as the ultimate authority.

Prayer is our greatest game changer at this time. It is not our only obligation. It will not take the place of showing up at the poles and voting, but the power of God cannot be underestimated when it comes to changing hearts.

Let’s not leave prayer to our last resort. Let’s make it our first line of defense and change. Ramp it up!


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