assembling rapid response team

We are assembling a rapid response team from New Venture in case there are downed trees, transportation needs, medical issues or other emergencies that arise due to the impending storm. Availability of volunteers will certainly be contingent upon work, weather conditions and other factors, however, if you would like to be part of this team and be contacted, if and when a call goes out, I need you to hit me with a return email.

I also need to know any supplies or equipment you might have available, if needed, like chain saws, generator, 4 wheel drive vehicles, etc.

Several volunteered at the end of our service this morning. If you did at that time it is not necessary to respond again. You will be included on any call that goes out.

Also, if you or a neighbor has a serious need that we might be able to assist with please send me (, 874-3269) or Ty Hagins (  833-8922) and email of a call. Each need will be considered on its level of urgency.

Our prayer is that the team will not be needed but let’s be ready in case.


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