Who’s the “star” in your life?

star-wise menSome of the characters in the original Christmas story are wise men, or as some would prefer to call them, wise guys. They traveled from afar to find the Christ child. Their travel guide was a star, a very special star.  It was no mere, normal star.  A lot of people say that maybe the star they were following was some comet or supernova or asteroid.  But there’s no star that ever preformed like this star.  The Bible says it led them from the east directly to Jerusalem.  It led them east.  Then it turned south and went south to Bethlehem.  No star does that.  Then it settled right over the home where Jesus, Mary and Joseph were.  I’ve never seen a star like that. 

On top of that, we don’t have any indication from the Bible that anybody else ever saw the star.  It doesn’t say that Herod or the people in Jerusalem saw the star.  The only people, to our knowledge, that actually saw the star were the wise men.  It was a special star, custom made.  God often does this.  All throughout history, God has used different kinds of instruments to get people’s attention.  Whether it was opening the Red Sea, bring down manna from heaven, a pillar of fire by night or cloud by day.  God has always done different kinds of signs.  He always rewards genuine seekers with clues with a travel guide, a star. 

Chances are, you have a star in your life.  You may have just never recognized it.  God put it there to bring you to Him.  That star may be a book you’ve read or a person you know or an experience you’ve had or a TV show or a movie.  It may be some event.  It may be a church.  I have no doubt that God has brought people across your path in order to be a travel guide to bring you to Him.  It may be a believing parent or a believing wife or star 2husband who is a believer, or a neighbor or friend or somebody at work or even a child.  But God does not leave genuine seekers without a travel guide.  He brings these people into our lives so we can see where He wants us to be headed. 

So who’s  the star in your life?

There are three possible reactions when God starts to guide your life and you start to realize, “Maybe God is talking to me and trying to guide me through this person, this book, whatever.”  You can react like Herod did which was fear.  He was afraid of being guided by God.  Or you can react like the religious leaders did, be indifferent, be apathetic, be skeptical.  Or you can react like the wise men did and that was celebrate.  They rejoiced.  They experienced the joy of being led by God.

Matthew 2:10 “And when they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.”  The original word literally means they jumped up and down with joy.  They were ecstatic.  They were joyful beyond belief.  They couldn’t contain themselves.  They were overwhelmed with joy. 

starIf you’re a Christian, I want to challenge you sometime this Christmas season to thank God for the stars in your life.  The travel guides, the clues.  They may be people or they may be events.  But thank God for the people or events that caused you to find Christ, that led you to the Savior.  And rejoice with exceeding great joy for those people. 

If you’re not a Christian, if you’re a seeker, you’re still on the way, I want to say to you, use the star, take advantage of it.  Don’t just let it be there.  Let it lead you to God to find the basic questions of life answered in your life.  Use that star.


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