Two easy ways to promote NVCC

PrintOne of the keys to growth is getting the word out. The technical term is marketing. And everyone knows that the most effective marketing approach is a satisfied customer. Assuming that you are a satisfied customer of New Venture Christian Church (realizing that we are never totally satisfied), I want to ask you to use your influence and contacts to get the word out about NVCC. Here are two links. The first one is to a vision video about New Venture’s mission in the community and world. The second link is to a promo video for stage two of “Witnesses” that fires up this Sunday, February, 10.

If you are the user of social media, I would like to invite you to post these two links on your home page. If you do not use social media would you send them out to those on your contact list? You might just give a brief statement about each one like, “This is an intro to my church that I think is the greatest.” Or for the promo video something like, “Got a great teaching series starting this Sunday at my church that I think is the greatest.” Just use your own creativity and together let’s get the word out and the invitations offered.

So excited about reaching out to more and more in our community and beyond. Together we can.