God brings property and New Venture makes offer

IMG_2270About nine months ago I pulled my truck on to a piece of property in our community with my wife, out of curiosity. We wondered what the future plan for the property was since it seemed to have been unused for several years. We drove away. Several times a week we continued to pass the property in our normal schedules, still wondering.

Then, less than a month ago I was contacted by a real estate agent, who had notice that we were meeting in a rented space in the community. He said that he had just listed a piece of property and wanted to know if we had any interest in it. Guess what, it was the property we had driven onto nine months ago.

After a few weeks of consulting with advisors, county officials, and lenders we crafted an offer on the 5.9 acres, with IMG_2267contingencies, as safeguards for the church. The offer was presented on Thursday, March 7. Within hours the offer was accepted in full, with all contingencies intact.

God is moving and providing in an amazing and awesome way.

On Sunday, March 17 the news was shared with the New Venture church family. Here are some of their initial responses.


“Overjoyed, excited, blessed”

“God, you exceed all our expectations. You are awesome.”

“I am ready to give all I have to see what God has in store for NVCC. Let’s do this!”

IMG_2276“Wow, I know this has been something NV has been praying about for a long time. I’m sure there are a lot of relieved individuals in this audience right now.”

“God is doing this because he has brought this to us. Excited and relieved.”

“All in, whatever it takes!”

“I’m looking forward to a new church home. Home is where New Venture is.”

“God’s saying, this is our opportunity to spread his word throughout our community.”

“I am ready to pursue what God has in store for NVCC!”

“From the first time I came to New Venture this was the church that I wanted to be a part of and call “mine, where I wanted to raise my child. To have their own property is an amazing confirmation that it is divine.”

“Tears of joy! Finally, thanks you Lord.”

“O.M.G. Amazing!”

“God makes all things possible and is calling us to follow him. I feel it will not be all smooth sailing or problem-free, but that God will make a way and use the process to refine the church (NVCC) and make it stronger and more faithful.”

“Holy expectation!”

“Thank you, Father.”IMG_2273

“Happy for our church.”

“I believe with expectation that he will provide.”


So, this Sunday we discuss the who, what, when, where, why and how of turning the dream into reality. Please join us and hold on for the ride of your life.”


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