What If…Campaign Begins at NVCC This Sunday, May 1

Dear New Venture Family and Friends,whatif

For over eight years now New Venture has been devoted to helping people discover a growing adventure with God. At the same time we have reached out in numerous directions with a commitment to being the authentic presence of Christ in our community. Many lives have been changed and many who were living far from God have come back to him through Jesus. All of this has been accomplished through the use of rented facilities in the community.

Now God has opened the door to New Venture to be able to acquire her own property and ministry campus. God, in his timing, knew exactly what we needed.

So, with all our energy, we pursue God’s opportunity. We pursue it for three reasons:

·        to establish permanents in the community

·         to expand ministry to the community and world

·        to exponentially share Christ with the community and the world.

 The What If…Campaignis an unprecedented opportunity for New Venture to declare to the world that God is doing a mighty work in our lives. Over the next 24 months, please join us in prayer and participation in theWhat If… Campaign.  We believe this is where God is leading us as a church, and we believe God wants you to be a vital part of reaching more people through New Venture Christian Church.  Please consider:  What if God wants to use you in an awesome way?

Steve Thornton

Lead Pastor


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