10 Places To Find Money For The Capital Campaign

Money signI know, the biggest concerned people have when it comes to a capital campaign is, where in the world do I come up with money that I want to give to something that is so good and necessary? I really want to participate in a big way, but how do I? So here are some suggestions and sources to find resources to contribute to this Kingdom venture. That is, of course, assuming that you love God and you love the church and you really want to be a part of moving it forward, more than you love yourself and your own kingdom.






1.       STUFF. Let’s start with all of our stuff. Most of our houses are cluttered with stuff. Garages are cluttered with stuff. Get rid of some of it. Why do you think eBay and Craig’s List exist? It’s to get rid of stuff that can be used for building the Kingdom. So walk through your house, go up into the attic, go down into the basement, go out into the shed, and make a list of all the stuff that you can sell to give to the capital campaign.

2.       STASH. This might not be true of everyone, but is of some. There are those who keep a stash for a rainy day. And many times that stash is somewhere in the house. What better day is there than the day you can have a huge part in making Kingdom advancements? Use the stash or part of the stash to give generously to the capital campaign.

3.       SAVINGS. It is difficult to maintain a savings account in today’s economy, but not impossible. And for those who have disciplined themselves to do so, this provides an excellent source of revenue that you can tap for your part in the campaign, assuming that you’re willing to let go of it.

4.       SAFETY NET. If you follow recommended financial advice, you should have developed are building a reserve fund that serves as your safety net in case a crisis hits your family. That safety net or reserve fund could be several thousand dollars. How about taking part of the safety net and giving it for Kingdom advancement? I know, that leaves a big concern over what will you do if something drastic happens? Suggestion, if that should happen, open and equity account on your house and draw from it to cover the crisis. This is exactly what my wife and I are planning on doing.

5.       SACRIFICE AN INDULGENCE. This is where we usually find a lot of room to make a big difference with a lot of people. Most people have indulgences that would be good, if not great, for them to either let go of or kick. So take that money that you spend regularly on high dollar caffeine drinks, the six pack, or the cigarettes, or online porn or whatever else it might be, and turn it into a gift for God and the church. Watch it compound over the weeks and the months into a huge amount of money. And on top of that, you will save your own self from habits and indulgences that are probably more harmful than good and thereby improve the quality of your life and lengthen the years of your life.

6.       STEAL FROM YOUR NEIGHBOR. Oh, did I really say that? Let’s scratch that one. Let’s reword it this way. Maybe your neighbor or someone else owes you from something in the past. What better time and what better reason is there for you to go to this person and say, “I really need for you to pay me what you owe me because I want to give it to the church capital campaign.” This could be the reason you have been looking for to push for payback from someone who needs to pay up.

7.       SELL A CHILD. Did I really say that, also? That’s two weird ones. I have to watch myself. Scratch that one too, because I know there are some who would jump at this onestack-of-money too quickly. So let’s change the “sell a child” to sell a big ticket item. How about that wedding ring from three marriages back? Or those antiques that you never really liked? Or that extra car that hardly ever gets used? Look around and see what big-ticket items you might have that could be far better used for Kingdom advancement in the capital campaign. And as you do, understand how much we live in a materialistic world and the only thing that will overcome materialism is generosity. And the only way to really show that we love God and are generous is if we are willing to let go of our stuff.

8.       SET ASIDE A VACATION OR A MAJOR PURCHASE. For the sake of a greater cause, be willing to sacrifice something that you would like to have or do or have been looking forward to. Maybe it’s a vacation, maybe it’s a major renovation project on the house, or the purchase of a new vehicle. All of those can come in time, but are you willing to put them off for a period of time in order to have a major part in the capital campaign? When we sacrifice for the sake of the kingdom God blesses us with even greater things.

9.       SET PRIORITIES. For some, being able to generous participate in the capital campaign just comes down to setting financial priorities in your life. If you will determine that God and the church are of greatest importance and then build your spending and finances around that priority you will find that you will have extra funds to give to him and his cause. Sometimes it’s just a matter of prioritizing our life and our spending in the way that honors God.

10.   SEE AUNT SADIE OR UNCLE STAN. When all else fails go to Aunt Sadie or Uncle Stan, (or whatever their name might be) that would be more than willing to give toward or support a great cause for God, and ask them if they would partner with you and New Venture in this capital campaign adventure. Instead of Aunt Sadie or Uncle Stan it might be some other relative or friend that would be willing to share their wealth for something that you are so passionate about. But unless you ask them they will not respond.

So, as you can see, there are a number of sources from which to find resources for your part in the capital campaign. The key is to be creative in your thinking, courageous in your acting, and sacrificial in your giving. If you will, God will lead you to resources you may never have considered. Don’t be afraid to look outside the box. You will be delightfully surprised by what you will discover.


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