The Finest Wine

king wine How can we begin to describe the distance we have traveled in the last five months as a church? It is nothing less than incredible. God has moved and blessed in amazing ways. For example, we have at the current time, gathered $74,811 toward the down payment of $100,000 for our property purchase and remodel job at our new location on Lucks Lane. We are scheduled to close on the property August 31. That leaves us three weeks to collect a little over $25,000. I want to say thanks to those who have been and continue to be so generous. At the same time I want to remind us all that we need everyone in the picture.


Have you heard the story, from many years ago, of a new king who was crowned in Spain? After the coronation, he decided to visit a secluded village on the outskirts of his land. When the townspeople heard that the king was coming, they were elated, so they went to work trying to make his visit an experience he would never forget. They decided that every person in the village would bring one cup of their choicest wine and put it into a big container. When the king came, he could dip his cup into the finest wine he had ever tasted because everyone was giving their best.


When the time came, everyone celebrated the king’s arrival. They told him what they had done with the wine, and the king was excited to taste it. But when he took a long drink, he spit it out in disgust. The king had been told that it was fine wine, but really it was barely nothing more than water. You see, the townspeople were told to bring their best, but individually they thought they could skimp out and rely on the wine of others while they secretly brought water instead. And the king was greatly displeased.


In order to accomplish this first challenge level, it’s going to take everyone giving their best to the King. We’re all in this together.


If you made a commitment to the capital campaign (down payment and 24 month phase) we are fully trusting that you willdownpayment fulfill it to the fullest. If you are new to New Venture since our capital campaign began a few months ago, or if you did not make an initial commitment as a part of our capital campaign, I would like to invite you to give a sacrificial gift between now and the end of August toward the down payment of our new church home on Lucks Lane. This is a tremendous chance for everyone to participate and bring their best whether or not you were part of the original campaign.


In fact, we have designated Sunday, August 18, as special offering day for the $100,000 down payment. Our prayer is that generous gifts will be given from many different people to push us over the top. If you would like to help us push to the $100,000 mark and live out of the area, gifts can be sent to New Venture Christian Church, PO Box 73311, Richmond, VA 23235.


Thank you so, so much for your generosity,




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