A simple answer to all the violence.

violence 2

I look at all that is going on in our country and the world. Shootings and violence seem to be escalating daily. In some cases it just seems to be worse due to expanded media coverage that amplifies the picture. However, no one can deny the expansion of outright disregard for the lives of others and the determination to take life in violent ways.

As I study the scene the question comes to my mind, is there a simple explanation for it all? Are we making it more difficult than it really is? Are we looking for answers in all the wrong places? Are we attempting to make it something that it really isn’t? Are we exploiting the violence for personal agendas? Are we habitually or ignorantly ignoring the primary reason for it all?

At the risk of oversimplifying, could the reason for the escalation of killings and cold-blooded violence be traced back to a country and a world that insist on turning farther and farther away from God, Jehovah God,? Instead, the world, out of arrogance and self directed ambition, has turned more and more to its own ways. Over the last few decades, especially in America, there has been an intentional, by government and individuals, movement to turn from a belief in and an adherence to God. As a result, the downward spiral in our country has escalated.

So is it too naïve to just say that the reason for what we see, more than anything else, is the result of turning away from God and the truth of Scripture? Every man and womanhatred has chosen their own way. And when God is eliminated from the picture what we are experiencing is inevitable. We are left with no moral or spiritual code and every person becomes their own god and the value of life goes down exponentially.

Having stated that, I fear the future more than the past or the present. As America and Americans, as well as the rest of the world, moves farther away from Jehovah God and Scripture the violence picture will most certainly escalate.

We can look to gun control or mental health solutions or a number of other plans to stop violence. But none will provide any long term improvement. My observation is that our only hope is for the people of America and the world to turn back to God, Jehovah God rather than no god or some other god that advocates violent killing of innocent people.

So where are you with God?


From 0 to 5.9 in 6


dragsterIn March of this year God opened before New Venture an opportunity of its lifetime. That opportunity was to acquire property for current and future development. Progress and growth had, let’s be generous with this statement, leveled off for an extended period of time. Something was needed to produce forward movement again in the life and direction of the church. Momentum was lacking and all efforts to generate it were falling short.

God, in his timing and wisdom placed before us this open door. With a tremendous amount of faith the church accepted the challenge, rallied its resources and energy and stepped through the door. In six short months the church has gone from a zero position of standstill to acquiring 5.9 acres of land for current and future ministry development.

Here’s the timeline He has taken us through:

                Early March, property purchase presented

                Mid-March, offer made on property and accepted

                April, lending institutions approached and funding secured

                May, first three weeks, capital campaign presented

                May 19, commitments made by New Venture for more than $250,000 to the project

                May through August 18, $92,000 collected for down payment

                September 10, 4:00 PM closing on property takes place

So, from early March through early September God took New Venture Christian Church from 0 to 5.9 acres and a ministry center in 6 months. Isn’t He awesome? Only he could have done this in this way.

Now, here is the timeline for the rest of the year.

                September 13, dumpster arrives for demolition job on the house

                September 14, preliminary demolition day

                September 21, all church demolition day

                October 5 second demolition day if needed

                October-November, remodel house/ministry center by contractor with church participation

                November, move into new ministry center as base of operation for New Venture  Church

So if it has been 0 to 5.9 in 6, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.