People are talking!


people talking 3Here’s what New Venture people are saying about The Story.


·        Interesting

·        Stimulating

·        It was fantastic, this journey is going to be an eye opener, reading God’s word and establishing a relationship with Him. That’s only just the beginning.

·        Foundational

·        I got something new out of the story I have heard/read many, many times.

·        Great start on a fantastic journey

·        Hopeful

·        Great start to a great series

·        Fascinating.  It truly peaked my interest.  Even with knowing the story of creation, I found myself asking, “What happens next?”  It was like the end of the old “Batman” TV series, “Will Noah survive the frightful flood waters?  Tune in next week… same Bible time… same Bible station!”

·        Stimulatingpeople talking

·        A spiritual version of jolt cola


The story is a condensed, chronological study of the Bible. In this church-wide adventure we are discovering how our story fits with God’s story so that we might have a story to tell.


You as well as your friends and family are invited to join us as we explore The Story of God and discover how all the little pieces fit together into the big picture of God’s design.


Sundays, 10:00 AM, 530 Courthouse Rd, Richmond 23236


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