pict0808-small.jpgMy physical location is the south side of Richmond, Va in a community called Midlothian.My wife and I relocated to this area almost five years ago because we wanted to do the most thrilling and challenging thing we have ever done in our life. While in our 50’s we decided to lead in the planting of a new church. If it sounds like insanity, we sometimes wonder ourselves. Our desire is to create a community of Christ followers who desire more than anything else in life to help others become Christ followers as well, while they serve the needs of our community. We call it an adventure, a growing adventure with the God of the universe.

We are the parents of three sons, all of which are married, in their twenties and early thirties and live in the mid-west. (Lexington, KY and Cincinnati, OH, the area we move from to launch this new church.) We have three adorable grandchildren and a third on the way.

So from life experiences and a deep desire to help people connect with God, I am open to discussing “God” issues from new and fresh perspectives, perhaps even radical to some.

After all, our church website address is relaxedchurch.com.

You might have to wait until I get finished with my nap, though.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Steve I do enjoy your writing! Your last installment hit “home” thanks, Bobby

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. Hello and Good Morning, I have enjoyed your web site. I have heard such wonderful things about your church. My husband and I are in our 50’s and looking for a church. I have not been baptized and want to be soon. Do you do the baptisims monthly?

    • Did you ever check out the church? I don’t remember hearing anything back from you or did i just miss it?

  4. I see you come from Cincinatti. My husband and I were just there to check out the Creation Museum. Have you been there? We can’t wait for Ark Encounter to be finished! So happy that these things are happening in our lifetimes.

    • We have two sons and families including three grand kids in Cincinnati and another due in March. And we have another son and his family with two more grandchildren in Lexington, KY. Does your family live close to Cincy. We lived in Troy, Oh for eleven years and our sons met mid west girls, married and stayed there. My wife and i went to the creation museum earlier this year. Neat stuff.

      • We live in Missouri. It took us hours and hours to drive out that way! We made a special trip to visit the museum. It was worth it! BTW, Cincinnati is the biggest city I’ve ever seen! When we came around the mountain and looked down on the city from the highway, I got so excited, I had to wake up my 7-year-old who was sleeping in the back.

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