If A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words Then These Speak Millions

photo 2 New Ministry Center, 12200 Lucks Lane, Midlothian,VA 23114

-Before and After-

The pictures say it all!

Thanks to the many, many people who devoted countless hours over the last six weeks to the massive project.

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How has New Venture Christian Church changed your life?

whatifAn exciting part of our capital campaign has been a series of small groups in which the details of the campaign are explained and everyone is given a chance to ask any questions they might have. Even more exciting is hearing people tell about how New Venture has changed their lives. Here are just a few of the stories.

  • I have never been as connected with any other church as NVCC. I want to get involved and there are so many opportunities.
  • NV has not judged us for the things we have done in the past. They just accept us for who we are.
  • I don’t have to be dragged to church. It has changed our whole life, how we feel, think and deal with life.
  • I was baptized at NV and I am progressing on my journey.
  • Coming to NV has helped me become a better husband and father. It is nothing I have done. God is doing it.Print
  • NV has definitely changed my life. I have learned more about the Bible than I have even learned in my life.
  • New Venture has put us in a family
  • New Venture has helped me regain trust in people in the church. They’re not old and crotchety and I can enjoy his freedom at NV
  • NV has changed my life. Our lives were in a wreck and NV was just what we needed.
  • I know if I need anything I can call on anyone at NV and I know I will have help. It is my home. This is my family.
  • New Venture turned me around. NV taught me you didn’t have to be perfect. I never learned that in church growing up.

What is your story?

God brings property and New Venture makes offer

IMG_2270About nine months ago I pulled my truck on to a piece of property in our community with my wife, out of curiosity. We wondered what the future plan for the property was since it seemed to have been unused for several years. We drove away. Several times a week we continued to pass the property in our normal schedules, still wondering.

Then, less than a month ago I was contacted by a real estate agent, who had notice that we were meeting in a rented space in the community. He said that he had just listed a piece of property and wanted to know if we had any interest in it. Guess what, it was the property we had driven onto nine months ago.

After a few weeks of consulting with advisors, county officials, and lenders we crafted an offer on the 5.9 acres, with IMG_2267contingencies, as safeguards for the church. The offer was presented on Thursday, March 7. Within hours the offer was accepted in full, with all contingencies intact.

God is moving and providing in an amazing and awesome way.

On Sunday, March 17 the news was shared with the New Venture church family. Here are some of their initial responses.


“Overjoyed, excited, blessed”

“God, you exceed all our expectations. You are awesome.”

“I am ready to give all I have to see what God has in store for NVCC. Let’s do this!”

IMG_2276“Wow, I know this has been something NV has been praying about for a long time. I’m sure there are a lot of relieved individuals in this audience right now.”

“God is doing this because he has brought this to us. Excited and relieved.”

“All in, whatever it takes!”

“I’m looking forward to a new church home. Home is where New Venture is.”

“God’s saying, this is our opportunity to spread his word throughout our community.”

“I am ready to pursue what God has in store for NVCC!”

“From the first time I came to New Venture this was the church that I wanted to be a part of and call “mine, where I wanted to raise my child. To have their own property is an amazing confirmation that it is divine.”

“Tears of joy! Finally, thanks you Lord.”

“O.M.G. Amazing!”

“God makes all things possible and is calling us to follow him. I feel it will not be all smooth sailing or problem-free, but that God will make a way and use the process to refine the church (NVCC) and make it stronger and more faithful.”

“Holy expectation!”

“Thank you, Father.”IMG_2273

“Happy for our church.”

“I believe with expectation that he will provide.”


So, this Sunday we discuss the who, what, when, where, why and how of turning the dream into reality. Please join us and hold on for the ride of your life.”

Two easy ways to promote NVCC

PrintOne of the keys to growth is getting the word out. The technical term is marketing. And everyone knows that the most effective marketing approach is a satisfied customer. Assuming that you are a satisfied customer of New Venture Christian Church (realizing that we are never totally satisfied), I want to ask you to use your influence and contacts to get the word out about NVCC. Here are two links. The first one is to a vision video about New Venture’s mission in the community and world. The second link is to a promo video for stage two of “Witnesses” that fires up this Sunday, February, 10.

If you are the user of social media, I would like to invite you to post these two links on your home page. If you do not use social media would you send them out to those on your contact list? You might just give a brief statement about each one like, “This is an intro to my church that I think is the greatest.” Or for the promo video something like, “Got a great teaching series starting this Sunday at my church that I think is the greatest.” Just use your own creativity and together let’s get the word out and the invitations offered.



So excited about reaching out to more and more in our community and beyond. Together we can.

What people are saying about NVCC

“First off; (NVCC is) wow!

Second, God is amazing and is most definitely working thru NVCC… no matter if it’s from Music, to the Sermon’s, to the congregation, and then to the outreach programs.  Steve is an incredible and passionate speaker who (thru God’s word) really move us to get up and GO spread the word of His love. NVCC allows my family to truly get into the heart of worship and that compels us to grow… Love, Faith, hope. “


“Real people, living real life, together, with God”


“I chose to try NVCC because when I researched the website, it appeared to be a multi cultural church.  I stayed because of the praise and worship, the teachings with notes, the atmosphere, and the work that NVCC does for the community.”


“I would describe my experience at NVCC as fulfilling.  NVCC teaches the message to serve and sacrifice, while still providing the encouragement to seek God by developing a relationship with him.


“I would describe my 4 months at New Venture as: A whole new world- where you learn what Jesus is really about. New Venture speaks “the truth”. Easy to learn the message of scripture because it is taught in a very “New living version” where the message is tied into everyday life. You will feel “at home” the second you walk in. Unique in the fact that people of all ages interact so well. A band that “Rocks”! Very active church that has passion and conviction in their ministry.”


“Awesome! I love NVCC.  The messages always seem to speak to me in some way.  They are messages that help me to grow in God’s Holy Spirit.  The people are fantastic! They’re loving, caring Christians who truly care for each other.”


“So far attending NVCC has been a refreshing experience in worshipping my Lord Jesus. No rituals, no reciting, but straight Spirit filled teaching from the word of God.”


“Good people. Great sermons.”


  1. “ Fulfilling
  2.  Redeeming
  3. Affirming
  4. Friendly
  5. Spiritual
  6. Loving
  7. Godsend
  8. Community
  9. Fun
  10. Enriching
  11. Empowering
  12. Journey
  13. Sharing
  14. Caring
  15. 15 Social
  16. Changing
  17. Renewing
  18. Cleansing
  19. Learning
  20. Giving
  21. Enlightening
  22. Teaching
  23. Service
  24. Volunteering
  25. focusing
  26. Adventuring
  27. friendships
  28. Inspiring
  29. Inspirational
  30. Reaching
  31. Searching
  32. Singing
  33. Listening
  34. Groups
  35. Evolving
  36. Soulful
  37. Touching
  38. Musical
  39. Blessings
  40. Expanding
  41. Moving
  42. Blessed”