fun but not frivolous

let’s pick up our discussion where we left off last time. we’re talking about how or new venture christian church is different from a lot of churches. that’s different, not necessarily better.

let’s talk for now about how new venture christian church is a fun place to be. and i realize that the very mention of the word fun in the same sentence as church opens the door to all kind of objections and criticisms. because there are those who believe that church is not about fun. it is all about seriousness, sternness and straight laced attitudes. the very insinuation that church could have enjoyment or “pleasure” connected with it borders on heresy, at least that is what some think.

there are even times when people say, “are you that feel good church?” to which i respond, “what should we be, the feel bad church?” why is it that we think connecting with god should not make us feel good and be something we loathe rather than something we look forward to? i don’t know of anything that we should look forward to more than getting together with our father and the rest of the family. we want it and design it to be a fun experience.

fun at new venture usually displays itself from the very moment you enter the theater where we meet. there is a light, lively, loving spirit and atmosphere in the place. it is an environment that is enjoyable and healthy and you feel good about being there.

our services are characterized by strength, emotion, stillness, seriousness, energy, reflection as well as laughter. these are the kind of things that speak to the heart and bring out the best in us. these are the kind of things that make us want to return for the next gathering. these are the kind of things that make it easier to accept the correction god has for our life along with the enjoyment.

so if you are looking for a place to enjoy connecting with god as well as being shaped by god, new venture just might be that place. we don’t have clowns at the door or serve popcorn and sodas in the lobby but we are a fun place to be. hey, on second thought, the popcorn and sodas might not be a bad idea.


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